More Jazz~

Posting more photos of Jazz Apple Cafe Cupcakes. I like taking photos of cupcakes because they are so pretty and cute. These photos were a while back but i didn't have time to post them up until now! Flavours are: Pink Vanilla, Mocha and Baked Custard Apple. Enjoy!

4 snowdrop meringues:

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuki,
I'm a student in Canberra too. Love your blog! Also your cupcake fantasy. I have been wanting to visit Jazz Apple cafe - looks like a pretty high 'nom' rating. It's a great pleasure following your eating adventures, keep it up!


Yuki said...

Hi Nomhunter (ur nick sounds cool!*thumbs up!), thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for the support!!
Will try going to more places more often!!!

Tattz said...

Hi Yuki,
i'm an ex-student too & Supa Ninja too. Love your blog! it's a great pleasure following your eating adventures,keep it up! Mm... cupcakes *nom*nom*nom*nom*XP

Buhahahhahaa..... j/k

Yuki said...

@ Tattz: =P

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