Sydney Trip - Gumshara (Ramen)

Gumshara is a very humble and yet authentic-looking food stall inside Harbour Plaza Food Court

Went down to Sydney recently and couldn't help but try a new ramen place, almost seem like a ritual now. After going to Menya last time, my friend suggested going to Gumshara (shop 209, Harbour Plaza 25-29 Dixon St Haymarket) - which to my surprise, wasn't a restaurant. As soon as i stepped into the Food Court, i immediately took notice that most tables had one or two red ramen bowls which were either half-finished or with the leftover soup, and hence i thought 'Woah, this ramen place must be good'. I had been warned beforehand that Gumshara's soup is very rich, this is because its Tonkotsu Ramen Soup is cooked with 120kg of pork bones for 7 days EVERY DAY! This results in a very intense collagen-rich stock. Here is what Gumshara wrote about its soup:

"Our soup is made by traditional Japanese way to cook which only uses fresh pork bones and water. NO MSG is used. The richness of the soup comes from the marrow of the bone and the soft bone. It contains a lot of collagen, which is essential to maintain smooth skin."

See the thickness of the soup?

For this reason, my friend and I decided to share one bowl since we had plans to eat more somewhere else. We ordered a Tonkotsu Noodle with Pork Spare Rib - we ordered the soup as it is but if you find it too rich, you can ask them to water it down for you. At my first sip, i went "WOW, this is rich" but i meant it in a good way. The soup is thick and yet very delicious and flavoursome. The ribs were nicely seared and complemented well with the ramen because the soup doesn't possess much saltiness. Despite the fact that my friend kept telling me how beneficial the collagen was for my skin, i couldn't finish the soup. My brain was already telling me to stop even though i knew i wasn't full. Delicious lunch but it didn't leave much room for trying other things around Sydney =P

Yummy =9

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, drool :P !!!

Yuki said...

@misswiniw: ramen is gooooooood =)
go there on ur way to newcastle =P pre-wedding treats are always awesomeeeeeee

Tattz said...

MUHAHAHAHA my... 5 seconds of fame! the last picture shows my left arm! *_* SUPA Ninja is now famous..... signings upon request @ $5! Gumshara ramen is acceptable payment!^^

Yuki said...

@supa Ninja~
Thanks for correcting me =P
yohoo...ur arm is famous now =P

SK said...

Gumshara has that super thick soup!

Yuki said...

@SK: Yeah..that's the one!

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