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I love Indian food. I love the aromatic spices used in curries. And eating curries with naan bread, it's just heavenly! So a couple of friends and i went out to try an Indian restaurant located in Canberra CBD, Blu Ginger Indian Cuisine (5 Genge Street) to satisfy our hungry stomachs. Blu Ginger actually has its first restaurant located in Sydney (147 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point). I have to say that I loved the usage of modernized fittings combined with traditional indian colours & patterns for the design of the restaurant.

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable which was very helpful when it came to choosing our dishes.
Here are the dishes we ordered:
- Butter Chicken: a must! i love butter chicken. The chicken was very tender and the dish was delicious. I think it was the first dish to be emptied out.

- Panjim Fish Curry: It was nice trying out an Indian curry with pieces of fish fillets. Yummy too!

- Beef Korma: Nice mixture of spices and cashew nuts, lovely with basmanti rice. 

- Goat Curry: i am not a big fan of goat, but i did give it a try. Still neh...sorry! For all goat lovers, tell me what you thought about this dish. =)

- Desi Chicken: this was a home style chicken curry with the chef's own recipe.

- Basmanti Saffron Rice
- Naan (Cheese/Garlic/Traditional): it was hot, fluffy and yummylicious! Especially the traditional and garlic naans!
 Oh, i forgot to mention that I have this THING for naan bread (traditional or garlic), i can even enjoy it by itself with no curries or sauces whatsoever. NAAN rocks!

This is how my plate looked on my first round of curry eating.

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3 snowdrop meringues:

Tattz said...

*yum* The photos look great! Now, if only i could taste the food too. * starts licking the screen* When i saw the tittle "blu ginger" i thought you were talking about BLUE ginger in balmain. A modern asian restaurant in Sydney, it's silimar to chiarman yip in canberra.

One question thou, did you use your hands on the curries w naan!? lol ^^

Nancy said...

naan does ROCK!!!

Yuki said...

@Nancy: Lovvvve them =)

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