It's Jazz Apple Cafe again!

It wasn't part of my ordinary schedule on a Tuesday afternoon to buy cupcakes but due to very unexpected circumstances, i ended up in front of Jazz Apple Cupcake Emporium! They had just released 2 new flavours - Raspberry and Peaches 'N Cream - and me, being a big big fan of peaches, was immediately attracted by its magnetic forces. I chose the Peach 'N Cream (duh!) and since they ran out of the Raspberry, i ended up having the Strawberry White Chocolate. I like how Jazz Apple doesn't just use ordinary vanilla cupcakes plus a flavoured icing on their cupcakes. Instead, they make a huge effort to make sure each cupcakes contains as much flavour as possible by customizing the base cake as well!
For my Peach 'N Cream, the cupcake base had a lovely peach flavour and it was finished with a lovely dried peach dipped in white chocolote! The Strawberry White Chocolate cupcake had a strawberry flavoured base (i think some fruit content was added because i'm pretty sure i ate some strawberry seeds) and it was finished with a lovely hand-molded strawberry. Cute!

Left: Peach 'N Cream cupcake   Right: Strawberry White Chocolate cupcake

Another angle =)

With so many flavours available and new ones coming out, i wonder when will i ever finish trying them all?

3 snowdrop meringues:

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oooh they are adorable :)

Yuki said...

They have heaps of flavours too! if you are in Canberra, you should give it a try! Cherry seed (another cupcake place) is lovely too =)

sasha said...

Hi Mavis! I tried the Lemon Meringue yesterday and it was my first diappointment from the JAC...tasted plasticky :( But it did have an adorable little meringue star on top.

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