Having gone through a renovation mid-last year, Tasuke (122 Alinga Street, Sydney Building) has a totally new look. The whole place is much brighter, more modern and long wooden tables have replaced the old tables giving the restaurant a more japanese 'feel'. The menu has changed considerably and it is now more affordable. I think Tasuke has changed its target clientele to students (and lunch-diners)  as it serves reasonable priced bento boxes during lunch hours and its a la carte menu consists mainly of ramen and noodle dishes.

So on an oddly cold day in Canberra (though it's meant to be summer), i was craving for some hot noodle soup to warm me up.  So i decided to go and try Tasuke out...*i've been craving for ramen ever since my visit to Menya.
We ended up ordering a Hokkaido Ramen and a Spicy Pork Katsu Ramen. The order didn't take long to come and it was hot! I have to say that i was a little disappointed with the lack of authenticity in the ramen dishes (especially the soup base) but the good thing is that the noodles had that 'chewiness-factor'. Might try out their bento boxes when i have a free lunch time!

Hokkaido Ramen

Spicy Pork Katsu Ramen

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Colin said...

I came across your blog when looking for ramen in Canberra; I'm thinking if moving there but my gf is Japanese and can't survive more than about 3 days without a ramen fix! From looking at various blogs it seems the situation for ramen in cbr is a but limited, this one seems it.

I would love to know if the situation has improved or is it still a bit difficult to Japanese food outside of the standard sushi and teriyaki ?


Ps. Been enjoying reading through, want to jump on a plane to the gold coast to get eating!

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