Harry's Cafe de Wheels - Sydney Airport

As i was looking through the photos that i've taken in the past few weeks, i realised that photos from Harry's Cafe de Wheels (Sydney Airport Terminal 2) has slipped from my blogging radar. Probably because there weren't many photos of it to start with.

So i hear that Harry's is kinda popular for its hot dogs and pies in Sydney, so i was like 'I might as well give it a go since it's already there right in front of my face'. I ended up ordering a Hot Dog De Wheels as the lady suggested me to as it's a house special. It consists of a continential Viennese smoked frankfurt served with mashie peas, mashed potato and chilli con carne with cheese sauce. I never expected to have mashed peas and chilli con carne in a hot dog, so there you go...a new way to eat a hot dog (for me, at least)! It was different but i wasn't hyped by it because i am not a big fan of mashed peas on my bun =P

Hot Dog De Wheels

Hot dogs remind me of the primary school times when i used to buy them from mobile food stalls in the streets of Sao Paulo (Brazil). They were sooo yummy and i absolutely loved eating them after school! It was simply a bun (always served hot) spread with butter, a sausage (i liked the chicken ones), some mayonnaise, mild mustard sauce, ketchup and topped with shoestring fries! Simple, but tasty...not to mention that they are STILL super cheap! (Ohn, and there are variations where salsa is added too!)

Used to love hot dogs...any good recommendations in Australia?

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misswiniw said...

They used to have Harry's in Newcastle (maybe still do? I think it's just moved) and it was served from an old, converted tram. My dad and bro loved it but I always found everything too peppery (and you know how I feel about that - haha).

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