Why SMB Canberra Food Blog?
SMB stands for Snowdrop Meringues & Berries and it's mainly because i love snow and it was one of those words that i had to have in my blog's name, no matter what. At that time, 'SNOW' was pretty much taken by various blogs and coming up with a name proved to be rather challenging. Thus, i opted for 'SNOWDROP', which is a beautiful plant that looks like it has three drops of milk hanging from its stem. Berries, because i love eating berries, especially in desserts!

The Canberra part is pretty self-explanatory. That however, does not limit me from blogging about other places such as Sydney, Queensland, Hong Kong or wherever i go.

About moi?
I'm someone who loves eating, although not always possible to consume in big amounts due to my limited food compartment size. I usually enjoy all types of cuisine but my favorite is still Japanese, with Chinese and Brazilian being the runner-ups.

I have a passion for cooking and baking although not very good at them. My baking usually revolves around making simple cakes but i do want to learn making harder and more complex cakes too. I am most fascinated by French/Japanese patisseries and that's where i usually look for inspirations.

My current wish: Own a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer - deciding between Pink and Boysenberry =)

Latest craving: Green Tea Opera Cake

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