Beijing House Chinese Restaurant

It was rather an unplanned lunch but miraculously i had my DSLR...i knew it would come in handy *so YEY for that! We arrived rather early as they haven't even turned on their lights and we were already raiding into restaurant: Beijing House Chinese Restaurant (Shop 1, Hawker Place). I've been to this restaurant before, but that was ages ago...long long time before my blog even existed. The only memory that i have of this place was the small bowl of Minced meat with hand made noodles (炸酱面) - which is also one of my all-time favorite Chinese dishes (i can still vividly remember trying the best one, so far, in Singapore!). It's good to be back again and see how they are doing. We ordered the Minced meat with hand made noodles, Steamed dumpling (小笼包) and Sesame Rolls with tasty chopped meat.
Once again, I have enjoyed eating the minced meat with hand made noodles (noodles were slightly overcooked this time, but that is okay). I just like the combination of the thick meaty sauce with the freshness of shredded cucumber!
Minced meat with hand made noodles

Mix, mix, mix before serving! =9

Steamed dumplings still had a rather thick skin - which breaks easily and is unable to hold the 'juice' - but the filling was still tasty and nice.

Steamed (Pork) Dumplings

Lastly, the Sesame Rolls with tasty chopped meat! I have to say that i had fun eating these. Don't get me wrong, i wasn't playing with the food...but the way we are supposed to eat them is just cute (yeah, i get intrigued by little things as such). Basically they bring you a dish full of hollow flaky sesame rolls and another dish with chopped meat, and all you have to do is to scoop the meat filling into the sesame roll. Easy as 1,2,3!

Sesame rolls with tasty chopped meat

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Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

aww those dumplings are TOO cute :)

Yuki said...

@lisa: hehehehe...u should try the sesame rolls :D

missklicious said...

The noodles look really good, and I always love having those sesame rolls too!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Those noodles look delectably good-I do love a thick, glossy noodle sauce! A bit of a shame about the XLB skins but good to know! :D

Yuki said...

@missklicious: i love mince meat with hand made noodles! and the sesame rolls were definately nice to try out =)btw...i went to Maruyo for my kit kat HUNT!

@Lorraine: Is there a place in Sydney where i can find awesome XLB? i heard great things about Din Tai Fung but haven't gone there yet. Great seeing u here =)

Anonymous said...

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