Jazz Apple Cafe?!!

You guys must think that i am a Jazz Apple cupcake addict, fanatic or a crazily cupcake-obsessed human being. Frankly speaking, i have no idea why i came accross so many cupcakes in a time spam of merely 4 days! I must say that I am utterly suprised by that fact as well. The good thing is that my haven't-tried list of flavours from JazzApple is getting shorter. YEY! A big thank you for the awesome guy at Jazz Apple who gave me the Caramel Mud & Pink Vanilla for free to sample =D
I tried 3 new flavours today: Caramel Mud, Pink Vanilla and Rocky Road (shown in the picture below)

My favorite cupcake base was probably the one from the Pink Vanilla because it was moist but i still preferred the chocolate icing from the Rocky Road (though not a fan of the mini marshmallows).

By the way, they are bringing another new flavour tomorrow: RED VELVET cupcake!

10 snowdrop meringues:

Wendy said...

Oh, you have to try red velvet! I've tried to make those twice now and don't think I've managed to get it right. :(

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

ooooh they all look so good!

missklicious said...

Yum - you can never have enough cupcakes! hehe

Yuki said...

@Wendy: Try making it again!! i'm sure it will eventually succeed!!! Practice makes it perfect =)
@Lisa:u should get some =)
@missklicious: it's fate, i reckon =P

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs to attend some sort of anonymous group :P

Anonymous said...

Quite clearly you have no idea what good cupcakes should taste like. Adding flavours to the base doesn't make it a 'good' cupcake. It's great to offer 100's of flavours but what's the point if those flavours aren't done well. If you are into plastic tasting cupcakes, then these are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Poor 'anonymous' …… it must be difficult to remain so bitter.

Sasha said...

>>Adding flavours to the base doesn't make it a 'good' cupcake<<

actually that's *exactly* what makes a good cupcake. That and originality and love, which the Jazz Apple folks clearly have.

The red velvet was AMAZING, I hope they bring that back. I have also tried the Key Lime Coconut (very nice and also green lol) and Tiramisu which was beautiful as well. Apparently they are coming out with Hot Cross cupcakes for Easter (!!!)

Betty said...

these cupcakes are almost to cute to eat! :O)

Cbngal said...

Have to say I was very underwhelmed with their cupcakes. Look lovely on the outside. But couldn't be bothered finishing any in the box we were given.

I've tried stacks of cupcake places in NY and Europe. Fabulous cake AND pretty icing/decorations in those locations. There is an American cafe in Sydney in Newtown that also does excellent cupcakes with quality ingredients.

Locally the Flute seems good. But I wouldn't bother paying $4 per cupcake for what appears to be cheap ingredients in the Jazz Apple cupcakes. When you pay that much, you expect quality.

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