Marlin Steaks & Shallot Pancakes for dinner!

Went to Fyswick Fresh Food Market on Sunday and as usual, i was immediately drawn by the fresh and colourful fruits & vegetables and the selection of gourmet food (It's silly, i know). What's hot? There is a deli shop that is having a competition to guess the weight of a massive cheese block and whoever guesses the weight, gets to bring that massive cheese back home! Awesome huh? I can donate half of the cheese to charity and with the other half, i can host a CHEESE FEAST! hohoho *currently daydreaming.
Anyways, the cool thing is that i ended up getting a MASSIVE bunch of shallots for only 99 cents and some FRESH FISH: a whole Snapper and Marlin Steaks! I steamed the whole Snapper a la chinese way (no pics! sorry) yesterday and today i had Shallot Pancake (recipe coming soon!) and Pan-fried Marlin Steak topped with sweetened soya sauce and shallots.

Shallot Pancake

Pan-fried Marlin Steak topped with shallots

I <3 fish! (Why isn't Toro found here...)

4 snowdrop meringues:

Tattz said...

Those shallot cakes look
D-lish! :) you gotta teach me how to make them!!


Nancy said...

I like your new logo! :)

Anonymous said...

Tonight I had fried chive cakes at Shanghai Dumpling House, I can barely move! Have you been there?



Yuki said...

Tattz: me gonna see ur new camera tmw!!! yohoooo~~~ it's easy lah..it should be a problem for u AT ALL~~~
Nancy: can u tell what is it?
Velveteen: yeah..i've been there before but it was before i created this blog...gotta go there again =)
did u eat a lot???
from memory, it's not expensive (Canberra standards for dinner-wise)

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