Streets of Asia Restaurant

I've been to Streets of Asia (Shop 1-008 Cnr Anketell and Reed St, Tuggeranong) a few times but it has always been on impromptu occasions where i never had my Canon readily available for photo-taking. This time, however, i was prepared! Streets of Asia is a family owned business and it mainly serves dishes from Thailand, China, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia. I was pretty surprised that not much advertising is found about it so i guess it must have its niche of regular customers.

It was a warm day, so we decided to order something light and refreshing. We ordered some Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, Yum Na (Thai beef Salad) and Yum Moo Krob (crispy skin pork belly stir-fried with chilli, mint leaves, cucumber, tomato, red onion and lettuce). I have to say that Yum Moo Krob tasted really nice, the skin was nicely crispy and the balance of sourness and spiciness was good. Yum Na wasn't as good as the last time i've tried as it lacked a bit of sourness and the beef was not as tender. The ingredients were fresh though =)

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Yum Nua

Yum Moo Krob

2 snowdrop meringues:

Anonymous said...

GO SoA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the standard has dropped badly in this restaurant. It used to be one of our regular haunts, but we'll not venture back to Street of Asia again. Food quality was poor in comparison with 6 months ago. Dirty dishes were left all over the place. it had the feel of a real grubby dai pai dong in Hong Kong. A sad demise!

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