Koko Black Chocolate

I was delighted when i've received Koko black truffles and pralines on my birthday. Afterall who doesn't like chocolate? (oh! my bro doesn't really fancy chocolate, but that's not the point here). I got a total of 10 truffles and i got to savour each one of them at my own pace...they were all mine, and mine alone! *grins
There were the flavours that i got: Classic Belgium Truffle, Cappuccino Truffle,Dark Pistachio, Milk and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster, Dark Chocolate Sienna Strawberry and Almond Praline.

I liked all of them (thanks, girls!) but my favorites are probably the Sienna Strawberry (heart-shaped), Almond Praline (the one with a white centre) and the Dark Pistachio (the one with a piece of pistachio). I still like them all though - i had to emphasize this!

Almond Praline

Dark Pistachio

Going back to try out other flavours! *nom nom nom
Check their website for all the available flavours and be careful to not drool all over your computer!

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missklicious said...

Koko Black truffles are soo good!

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