Silo Bakery in one particular afternoon...

My lovely (and rather short) afternoon began when i had to go to Kingston to pick up a package that came down from Sydney. That was my only mission for the afternoon but it also ended up in me going to Silo Bakery (36 Giles St, Kingston) and The Essential Ingredient (25 Jardine St, Kingston). I just love 'The Essential Ingredient'! It's packed with kitchen essentials, baking tools, cooking books, cheese, jams, persian floss, gourmet chocolate, etc...it would take me a whole night to write everything down so let's stop here. I could LITERALLY spend my whole day there (like how i used to spend my whole day in Kinokuniya back in high school) and dream of my dream kitchen and wishing that i had the money to buy all those awesome culinary books *sigh.

After that, I decided to check out Silo Bakery since i was already in Kingston. Don't ask my how, but my body just automatically went in, sat down and ordered a Quiche Lorraine and a Cherry, Chocolate & Almond Tart. The quiche had a nice balance of flavours and the egg was light and fluffy! I would have preferred if it was slightly bigger though. As for the tart, I was initially afraid that it would be overly sweet but to my surprise it wasn't! Loved the sourness of the cherries which balanced well with the chocolate and almond. It was late afternoon, so there weren't many choices left. I shall go there for brekkie sometime, i heard that it's usually packed on Saturdays!

Clockwise from the top: random fruits hanging off a branch; Quiche Lorraine; a single Dandelion; Cherry, Chocolate & Almond Tart; Centre: other tarts available in full-size.

How about the parcel from Sydney? What was in it? (as you may ask). TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!

What a perfect way to finish a perfect afternoon: with loads of different flavoured Kit Kats and an awesome cupcake book '500 Cupcakes' =)  [THANK YOU YT & Super Ultra Cool Ninja]

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4 snowdrop meringues:

Nancy said...

btw, i think there's this ginger sort of flavour kitkat....
i think it's either in hub or the chinese grocery next to Jimmy's Place in Dickson.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oooh I love the Essential Ingredient :) I too could spend hours (and lots of $$$) in there!

missklicious said...

Woah, massive package of kit kats! Have you tried any yet?

Yuki said...

@Nancy: u meant ginger ale? i just had that yesterday..hehehe
@Lisa: I can probably spend more hours than $$$, coz i haven't got much $$$ hehehehe...but lucky u~
@missklicious: the ginger ale one =) and the sports drink~

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