Fun Ma Cafe

I know i had the longest hiatus period ever...*apologies!
I have been really busy with heaps of things and hopefully it will be a bit better by March *fingers crossed.
I have a few places lined up for reviews so bear with me =)


Just as the heading already says, I will be reviewing Fun Ma Cafe today. It is a small family-owned restaurant located near the ANU and to be honest, its location could be quite tricky for those who are not local. The staff is friendly and the place looks simple with a fair bit of menu item posters (in both writing and photo form) stuck to the walls.
Fun Ma Cafe serves a variety of popular Taiwanese dishes and drinks at an affordable price and i would say that its cooking style makes you feel like you are eating at home.
On this particular visit we ordered  a Taiwanese Sausage to share, a Taiwanese Style Beef Noodle Soup, a Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken with rice (which came with a winter melon tea) and a Homemade Taro Milk Tea
One dish that i was particularly looking forward to, was the Taiwanese beef noodle soup which, sadly, left me greatly disappointed. I had tried this dish in various places but never ever I was served with udon noodles. The beef was nicely seasoned but as a whole, the elements didn't go well together and it didn't impress me at all.

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