Dobinson's Bakery Cafe

Few weeks ago, we had a small birthday celebration for a friend and we bought her some tarts from Dobinson's Bakery Cafe - it is claimed to have the best pies and tarts in Canberra. We got her the Chocolate Ganache (which i don't think a normal person can finish it all by himself 'coz it's super RICH! - unless it's my sis), Chocolate Cheesecake and Lemon Cheesecake. I was never too fond of the Chocolate Cheesecake tart 'coz the first time i had it, it tasted too artificial and weird (maybe they had put too much gelatin?). However, i was pretty impressed this time as the chocolate cheesecake swirl was quite soft and tasty. The chocolate ganache tart was good and i'm glad we shared amongst the 5 of us, 3 layers of chocolate is way too rich for me! Lemon cheesecake tart was okay =)

Top: Chocolate Ganache Tart  Right: Lemon Cheesecake Tart  Bottom: Chocolate Cheesecake Tart
Chocolate Cheesecake Tart

Dobinson's Bakery Cafe
Address: Bunda Street, Canberra City, ACT 2601


Busy few days~

Sorry for the lack of updates my faithful followers (though not many =_=)!
I've been a bit busy with work there few days mainly with making the farewell gift and making the farewell dish. A very dear friend (GLORIA!) is leaving on Monday for ~2years, so we decided to throw her a farewell party with the theme: High Tea! Basically, the girls were supposed to wear a nice dress and the boys, a nice semi-formal attire (a lot of guys were wearing suits!). I brought some Green Tea Cupcakes for the High Tea (as requested by Gloria - i hope you liked them!) and there were other nice dishes like grilled chicken wings, chocolate balls, sandwiches, curry puffs, bread and carrots with dips, fried haloumi cheese, sushi, heaps of fruits and obviously some amazing TEA! I loved the Strawberry & Cream Tea!
Here are the pics of my GREEN TEA CUPCAKES!

On Thursday, we (Nancy, Livy & I) also made a Calico bag for Gloria as one of the gifts, check them out (i reckon they are adorable):
Gloria, we hope you like it =) *All the best in Europe, God bless*
Well...it's been quite hectic these few days, but i guess it was well-worth it! We all had fun!


The Top 100!

It's the Australian Gourmet Traveller 2010 Restaurant Awards: The Top 100!
Just came across this list as i was visiting some food blogs, so many nice restaurants out there that i wanna try! Quay, Pier, Aria, Tetsuya's, Jacques Reymond, etc...to many to name!
Full article available at here!

Yummy Pancakes!

Felt like having something different for brekkie today, and as i looked into my pantry I saw some eggs, flour, baking powder and caster sugar...then i thought 'Why don't I make some pancakes?' To make sure I could make some pancakes, I opened the fridge to check if i had unsalted butter and milk. Fortunately, i had some unsalted butter but NO MILK...only soy milk -which turned out ok as well!

After making the pancakes, i topped it up with some butter and honey (sad...no marple syrup)...oh, and a strawberry to make it 'photogenic'.

Here is how it turned out! *not fluffy enough though

Yesterday for dinner, i decided to use the rest of the firm tofu that i had in the fridge. I decided to attempt making the crispy tofu (the ones with a 'crispy skin') that my granny always makes when i go to her place. I didn't use flour this time 'coz i totally failed last time, instead i used cornstarch. All i did was to coat the tofu in cornstarch and pan-fry all the sides and Voila! They tasted quite ok, the skin was lightly crispy and chewy (with glutinous rice ball texture). For health reasons, i didn't fry until all sides turned GOLDEN BROWN...just lightly brown - i realized that i was using way too much olive oil >.<"


Cool Drink - Preshafruit

As I was walking pass the cold drinks section in Woolies I couldn't NOT notice a cool drink that they were selling. First of all, it had an eye-catching 2 for $5 sign and secondly, the bottles were so pretty and modern that made me take a closer look!

The bottles are quite different in a sense that they were triagular shaped and they looked modern! They had 3 different flavours: Royal Gala Apple, Pink Lady Apple and Apple & Strawberry - by the way the drink is called PRESHAFRUIT!
I have no idea how long this drink has been out in the market, but it's my first time seeing it. Check the picture below:

I don't think that you can really see the triangular shape of the bottle from this picture, but just try ok?

Maybe it's almost done!

I've been fixing some minor things in my blog today. It's not the most desired layout that I have here, but I'm pretty happy by its looks (for the time being). I think for a newbie like me, it is kinda like an accomplishment!
I really hope to get this blog up and running really soon! *fingers crossed! =)


Finished (almost)!

I finally (kinda) finished my new blog's template!
So happy!
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