Super Vitamin A Fried Rice

What to do when you have bits and pieces left in the fridge? By this i mean the bits of unused ingredients that were left from cooking the previous meals. So here i am standing in front of my nearly empty fridge staring at one carrot, half a butterbut pumpkin, one third of a sweet potato and a chunk of beef. Being tired after work (and lazy) i only had enough energy to cook a very simple meal, and decided to make a fried rice! I know it doesn't sound exciting but hey, it's no ordinary fried rice okaaaaay ?!! It's a very nutritious and yummy fried rice packed with loads of beta-carotene and vitamin A - which are both very beneficial (for your vision, for example)! So if you are tired and feel like having something nutritious and healthy, try making this richly vitamin A packed fried rice: SUPER VITAMIN A FRIED RICE!

Here is how: (very simple, trust me!)

1) Dice the carrot, sweet potato and the butternut pumpkin and roast it in the oven (around 200C) until it turns a bit brown (don't forget to drizzle a bit of salt and olive oil).
2) Heat up a pan with oil and put in some diced onion and garlic, cook until they start turning brown.
3) Add in the beef (cut into strips) and brown it as well.
4) Put in the roasted carrot, sweet potato and butternut pumpkin to the beef and stir.
5) Add in some cooked rice (i used brown rice here) and mix all ingredients until well combined. Don't forget to add some salt too! (to your liking). Voila, dinner is served!

4 snowdrop meringues:

Tattz said...

hahaha.... great idea! I remember my mum used to make me fried rice w all the left overs! some were hit & misses though :S. These days, I love having some vege stock & arborio rice stocked up! those ingredients would make a great risotto too!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

I LOVE a good homemade fried rice! So tasty!!!

Yuki said...

@Tattz: yeah..i remember those childhood fried rice times too!! i still remember granny making potato ones with bok choy..very simple but somehow it tasted awesome =)
@Lisa: yeah~ and they are awesome for ppl who are having their lazy days =)

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