A Little Easter Story

First of all...
I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and the chocolate Easter eggs =)
This is a blog post with a little short story. Took up a challenge to write it in a children book style. I found it a bit challenging, but it was fun. Enjoy! (Sorry if it looks amateur-ish).

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.
She received a lot of different coloured eggs on her birthday. However, she did not like the ones without colour and threw them away.

Hours passed and days passed,  but no one ever took notice of the eggs.
One day, as Mrs. Bunny was going back home, she saw the eggs on way. She wonderered 'Why would anyone abandon these beautiful eggs?'

Therefore, Mrs. Bunny picked the eggs up and took them home.

Mrs. Bunny saw Mrs. Hen on the way back home and said 'Hi, Mrs. Hen'.
Mrs. Hen said 'Hi'.
Mrs. Bunny told Mrs. Hen about the eggs that she found and other things. After a while, Mrs. Bunny had to go home and said 'See you later'.
Mrs. Hen replied 'Bye'.

Day by day, Mrs. Bunny took care of the eggs, gave them warmth and shelter.

When spring came, the eggs started hatching. The first little chick came out and Mrs. Bunny name him Piiyo.

When all the other eggs have hatched, Mrs. Bunny also named them one by one: Payo, Puyo and Popoyo.

They all started jumping around Mrs. Bunny because they really liked her. They even called her 'Mama'.
She was glad to see the joy in Piiyo, Payo, Puyo and Popoyo and decided to keep them.
They all lived happily ever after in Mrs. Bunny house.

The fun part of this photoshoot? Buying the props and making the little Easter eggs. It was the first time i made Easter eggs and i chose to make small ones to save myself from embarrassment and to avoid wasting ingredients. I decided to make Rocky Road Easter Eggs! How awesome will it be to find fluffy marshmallows, crunchy peanuts and glace cherries all in one easter egg? And they are easy to make as well!

Recipe for Rocky Road Easter Eggs
(You will need a 16 small Easter eggs mould for this recipe)
- 200g of bittersweet dark chocolate, melted
- mini marshmallows, to your liking
- glace cherries, halved
- unsalted roasted peanuts, chopped

1) To make the chocolate easter egg, visit this website. Follow until step 8. (They do a better job at explaining this procedure)
2) To make the rocky road filling, simply coat the marshmallows, glace cherries and roasted peanuts with the remaining chocolate.
3) Scoop some rocky road filling into one of the halves of the Easter egg and proceed to step 10.

Enjoy and Happy Easter once again!

6 snowdrop meringues:

Wendy said...

Cute eggs and cute story. :) Those are really pretty statue/sculpture/art piece thingies.. I thought you might have taken the photos from a professional site!!

Miranda said...

wakakakka. you have too much time in your hands. anywho. that was cute.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

awww that is adorable!!!!

Tattz said...

BUHAHAHAHAHAaa..... awesome story! so this is what happens if u leave lil mavis in a room full of easter eggs and her DLSR!!!~ i'm going to leave you with candy canes and Xmas socks around christmas and see what u come up with!! XD

Yuki said...

@Wendy: thankssssss~~~ still improving :D
@ mimi~~~ e vc tem tempo pra subir no meu blog!!! hehehhee... obrigadaaaaaaa~~~ hehehhee...vc pode tentar fazer umas coisas que estao aki~
@Lisa: thanks! They had awesome deco things at this place and i just ended up buying a 'few'
Tattz: i will need to plan for those...still have 8 months to go =P

Sue said...

So cute!!!

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