Ichiban Boshi - Authentic Japanese Noodles

Every single time i'm in Sydney i see a multitude of people queuing outside Ichiban Boshi (Level 2, Galeries Victoria Building, 500 George Street) during lunch hours. 'It must be good' - i always thought to myself, and yet i was so often lazy to queue who-knows-how-long before i could sit down and enjoy a bowl of ramen. After inumerous times of walking pass Ichiban Boshi, here i am patiently lining up and waiting for our turn to be seated and served. It wasn't long until we were seated and by the time we placed our orders, the queue grew even longer. Thefores, if you want to try Ichiban Boshi the best time to get there will be somewhere between 11.30am - 12.15pm - not too early for lunch and no need for queuing. Initially i wanted to try their Tonkotsu Ramen (which is limited to 15 bowls a day) but after being told that they only serve it from 2pm onwards, i ordered a Toyko Ramen. My friends ordered a Karaage Ramen (Japanese-style fried chicken) and a Kimuchi Ramen (Kimchi).

Kimuchi Ramen
The servings were generous and the noodles were cooked 'al dente' but sadly my Tokyo Ramen didn't come with enough toppings compared to the other two ramens (or compared to Menya and Gumshara) and they went a bit heavier (than i expected) on MSG. It only came with one slice of Japanese fish cake, wakame, nori, half an egg and one slice of pork *sigh.
Tokyo Ramen

I also tasted a bit of the Karaage Ramen and the chicken was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside and it
went well with the ramen. Unlike the Tokyo Ramen, they were quite generous on the toppings for the Karaage ramen =)

Karaage Ramen

Overall we had a nice time there and it was a historical moment for one of my friends, as it was her first time having ramen! Everybody was super full but i still managed to fit in a Sticky Rice ice cream from Passionflower - which was awesome =)

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jane said...

you know this post made me miss the sticky rice ice creamm, and not the ramen :P arghhh i want sticky rice ice cream now!!! :(

Tattz said...

lol, now u only have 1-2 more ramen places before u can say you've tried all the good ramen places in syd! you can move on to yakiniku or kushiyaki!!^_^

xphia said...

We went to try the ramen at Zenya Noodlebar out in Eastwood. I ordered the Roast Pork Ramen with the pork based soup base. The ramen had a very good texture and bounce to it. The soup base surprisingly good, not too oily and very flavoursome as I expect it was boiled for many hours.

The slices of the roasted pork was SO GOOD!! They were so tender and just melted in the mouth =)

xphia said...

Oh.. I just remember the name "Cha Shu" Ramen!

Yuki said...

@Jane: hehehhee....sadly i didn't take a pic of it >.<" but u have it anyways =)
@tattz: yummmmm..yakiniku...kushiyaki is cool too...
@xphia: thanks for letting me know..i've seen that place in food blogs :D
'Cha Shu' = Cha Siew :D

Simply Life said...

oh wow, that looks great!

Yuki said...

simply life: thanks =)

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