Tuross Boatshed and Cafe, NSW

Went fishing at Tuross Head recently (which is about 2.5 hours drive from Canberra) and by the end of the day, i was flat out...literally. At first, the idea of fishing didn't entertain me at all. Perhaps the early childhood memories of fishing with dad always left me the impression that such activity has always been boring. On the bright side, Tuross Head being a popular destination for fishing meant that there must be cafes or restaurants nearby that serves awesome seafood too *Yey for that!*. For this VERY GOOD reason, i managed to get out of bed =P

Tuross Head is a beautiful place with nice beaches and refreshing air (especially in the morning!). The water is very clear and clean, allowing you to admire schools of small fish and puffer fish up close. (Sorry there are no photos of the actual place as i was too scared to drop my DSLR into the water).
After 4.5 hours of fishing, we decided to have lunch at the Tuross Boatshed and Cafe (93 Trafalgar Road, Tuross Head NSW). The place is a little bit tricky as you have to walk until the end of the shop to order your food because the front area is catered for selling fishing gear.
The eating area was packed and had to wait for a while until we got a table (you can choose to take away). Their menu is the usual traditional fish 'n chips, seafood box and platters, burgers and salads. We ordered a Fish 'n Chips for Two ($20) and i do recommend to order the fish of the day, simply because it's fresh and they are caught on the day! They had Ocean Perch and Sea Bream as THE FISH and obviously, I got both! Both fish were beautifully beer-battered and i loved the texture and the freshness of the Ocean Perch (more than the Sea Bream). Lovely, it was!

The trip was rewarding as i ended up having a lovely lunch and catching a leatherjacket and a sea bream!

3 snowdrop meringues:

missklicious said...

There's nothing better than fresh fish and chips down by the sea. Yum!

Yuki said...

@missklicious: Yeah~~ that was prob the highlight of the trip =)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh we recently had Tuross oysters and they were great! There's nothing quite like fresh seafood is there? :)

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