Chinese Hot Pot Gathering

Although winter hasn't hit Canberra yet, on occasional days it does feel like one. Canberra is a funny place and sometimes, you can even experience extreme cold and hot temperatures on the same day. It wasn't extremely cold on this particular day that we decided to have a Chinese Hot Pot (also known as steamboat or chinese fondue), but it was cold enough to have a hot pot happening. Hotpot is usually a good way to gather people around the table and have conversations while waiting for the food to get cooked. It brings me back fun memories of when I used to have hotpot with my family during winter times; i even remember that we had a round hot plate around the pot in which we would 'grill' some beef balls and crabsticks - they did turn out nice!

In Chinese hot pots there is usually a metal pot of stock in the middle of the table that is constantly simmering while ingredients are added into it (in batches). Preparations are pretty straight forward and the most time-consuming part will be figuring out what soup base you want, what ingredients to get and physically go and get them. A Chinese hot pot usually consists of (but not limited to) a soup base/stock, thinly sliced meats, asian meatballs, asian greens and some sort of noodles. This is a list of what we got:

The ingredients

The pot full of mixed meatballs

My humble bowl of food...which doesn't look all that attractive =P

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