The Flute Bakery Revisited

Haven't been to The Flute Bakery for a while (almost 6 months!). I guess that's because it isn't very accessible and also their opening hours aren't the most friendly (Mon-Fri from 8am until 3pm). On this instance, i went there during lunch hours and the petite bakery was packed. I had to walk past a few people before i managed to look at the cake display. I was delighted to spot quite a few cakes that i hadn't tried before. Knowing that i would not be able to finish them all in time, i decided to get only four! I really liked the chocolate one because it wasn't as rich as it appeared to be and i really like how they used the short bread and the crunchy chocolate feuilletine together! I don't know its name because i was only told a description of the cake and they hadn't prepared a name tag for it.
Cream & Chocolate mousse decorated with a chocolate ball (filled with cream) on a short bread and crunchy chocolate feuilletine and wrapped with a chocolate sheet.

The Cappuccino had the same shape as the Hazelnut Mousse Cake (tried in my previous visit) and guess what made me get it? THE MACARON that they used as a decoration. It sounds pretty silly but if you are a macaron lover or a person who understands the intricacy of these little gems, will see the reasoning behind this.
The cake itself did not have a very strong cappuccino flavour but it was still lovely with the hazelnut meringue base.

The Castel, which is Hazelnut Meringue topped with some strawberries & raspberries, was light a cake and perfect for a sweet treat after dinner.

The Castel

The last one was actually a cheesecake - the well-known New York Cheesecake - and if you fancy a dense and reasonably cheesy one, this will be a just for you! The cheesecake doesn't look fancy, but somehow it has that simple attractiveness to it (that's probably why i ended up getting it) that makes you go for it!

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4 snowdrop meringues:

Miranda said...

I wanna go thereeeeeeeeee!!!

Jude said...

Made a special trip there last week (which is hard if you work mon to fri) for the MACARONS. I think this is the only place in Canberra that has them. They were fabulous. We need a stampede of macaron-lovers to go so we get more choice of flavours!!! But a great find at last.

Yuki said...

@Jude: i'm glad u went to Flute =)
hummm....i totally agree having a lot more ppl visit that place so we can all try everything!! did they have the macaron cake? the other place that has macarons is Croissant D'or in civic! i have to yet review that place =)

Fifi.xx said...

nom nom nom dis loox like da best cakes inda wurld XD

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