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I was invited to a dinner at The Ginger Room (Old Parliament House, King George Tce, Parkes) on a particular weekend to celebrate a special occasion. I was utterly excited because the last time i went there (1.5 years ago), i missed the opportunity to blog about this place as i did not own a blog yet. The Ginger Room is located in the Old Parliament House and surrounded by the stunning Old Parliament House Gardens, which has an extensive range of beautiful roses. It's worth getting there early to visit the rose gardens and allow some time for photos.
The Ginger Room definately grabs your attention from the very first minute you walk in as you are faced with a big, bright red wall. The interior decor is quite modest and relaxed. The staff is very polite, friendly and also smartly dressed with a subtle uniform bearing the restaurant's logo. The Ginger Room focuses on bringing an Australian Modern menu with an Asian influence.

We decided to go with a 5-courses menu (you can choose from 2 - 5 courses or the degustation menu) and the good thing is that you are able select your own entrees, mains and desserts from their a la carte menu. Before the entree arrived we were served with a complimentary amuse bouche: sushi with japanese seaweed and a selection of three bread rolls: plain, lime & pepper and parmesan & pinenut.

Parmesan & pinenut bread roll

These were the entrees that we ordered:
- Half shell scallops with pumpkin, sage and bacon: very fresh with clean flavours to accentuate the scallops
- SPECIAL: Rock oysters with a hollandaise infused with lime sauce: quite different but i prefer my oysters au naturalel
- Pambula rock oysters with mignonette dressing (no photo): nice and fresh
- Brie de Nangis twice baked soufflé with watercress and pinenut salad: the soufflé was soft and moist. Beware to not burn your tongue like i did!
- Poached scampi tails with confit tomatoes, crisp prosciutto and verjuice beurre blanc: simple and clean flavours, nicely presented.
Clockwise: Half shell scallops with pumpkin, sage and bacon;  Rock oysters with a hollandaise infused with lime sauce; Poached scampi tails with confit tomatoes, crisp prosciutto and verjuice beurre blanc; Brie de Nangis twice baked soufflé with watercress and pinenut salad

Not long after the round of entrees, we were served with our mains:

- SPECIAL: A marron dish that i can't remember the name! (maybe because the red plate was too striking): all i remember was that the marron was very fresh and cooked to perfection! The sauce enhanced the marron well.

- Beef fillet Wellington deconstructed (medium) - the beef was tender and soft, perhaps the pastry was a bit too big for the dish.

- Confit duck leg with braised red cabbage, potato dauphine and anise jus: it was my least favorite dish of the night because the duck was a bit dry and the potato dauphine made the dish a bit too rich. The cabbage was nice though.

- Ragout of mussels, cod, scallops and scampi in a bouchée pastry case: the ragout was nice and this dish was generous and filling.

- Rolled saddle of rabbit served with braised rabbit leg, glazed baby turnips and roasted parsnip purée: i didn't get to try this one but my friend said it was nicely done. It only needed a bit more sauce.

How can a lovely meal be complete without the desserts? It kinda feels like an unfinished business, if you know what i mean...so...it's DESSERT TIME - this part can never be ignored! Here is what we ordered:

- Boysenberry icecream bombe with marbled brownie: althought it wasn't flambéed, it was still my favorite dessert of the night! The boysenberry ice cream and the meringue weren't too sweet and went well with the brownie. It looks like a porcupine, doesn't it?

- Chocolate soufflé with macerated strawberries: the soufflé was delicate and soft! The strawberries complemented well with the not-too-sweet chocolate soufflé.

- Poached peaches with peach icecream and vanilla tuile: pretty dessert and addictive vanilla tuile.

Here is our Petit Fours:

Overall, we had an enjoyable and lovely dinner and the service, i must say, impeccable.
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15 snowdrop meringues:

missklicious said...

Nice pics! The food looks very good.

The dessert does look like a porcupine hehe! how cute.

Tattz said...

@misskilcious: yeah porcupines are a typical look for bombe alaska!

@ Mavis: But your right mavis! it would have been much more cool if they flamed it with alcohol! but i guess u wouldnt be able to eat it then ha? :(

the ginger seems very promising... i haven't had the chance to go there yet :( hopefully soon thou!!^^

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

That chocolate souufle has my name written all over it!

LaLa said...

I just realised that I read your blog all the time and never comment! How rude and remiss of me.

I love it, especially your beautiful pics :)

Yuki said...

@missklicious: Thanks~ yeah...i thought it looked cute too!

@Tattz: some bombe alaskas don't have those spikey looks..they are more like swirly peaks (if that makes sense) hehehee. I think Ginger has been gradually improving.

@Amy: =) u should make some too! waiting for a chocolate souffle post!

@lala: it's alright =) always welcome to leave comment anytime :D
Thanks for the compliments! will improve =)

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oooh the Ginger Room is one of my all time favourite Canberra restaurants - so beautiful :)

Yuki said...

@Lisa: :D i'm glad that they are gradually improving too!

Anonymous said...

Love your reviews, it's nice to read the views of someone who really has a passion for food. Nice pics too

Oh btw- 1. melt aprx 250g dark choc, add 3 egg yolks and some good liquor (splash)

2. whisk egg whites to soft peaks, slowly add sugar whilst still whisking (3 egg whites=about 1tbsp). Fold whites into your choc (about 1 kitchenspoon of choc mix) then whack in a buttered ramekin (upward strokes), sprinkle walls with sugar then bake for apprx 7mins at 200 degrees.

Choc souffle
Bon apetit..

Yuki said...

i'm glad to hear that =)
thanks for the awesome recipe..should give it a try =)
do u love baking? cooking?
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Yuki

I love cooking and baking, if it can be eaten, I'll give it a go ;)

Keep up the good work

Yuki said...

@anonymous: since you love baking and cooking, i reckon you should start a blog!!! it will be awesome i reckon =)

Marco Polo said...

He he he, why thank you Yuki ;)
But I wouldn't even know how to go about starting one let alone find the time to moderate it.

What's your favourite cuisine Yuki? (French, Asian, Italian, fusion etc) and what's the one dish that will always put a smile on your face or the one you'd see on a menu which would always lure you in?

Yuki said...

@Marco Polo: ooo~ u finally revealed urself =)
starting a blog is ok....just a click away..i guess the harder this if to moderate it..(i agree with that)..
well..i love JAP!! coz i do like to taste ingredients with minimal cooking (but not necessarily raw)..i like italian too...french...chinese..!! hehehe...fusion with jap is awesome too! i also like brazilian food =) missing my country's food...
i like a lot of dishes...it's hard to name one =P

Anonymous said...

Awesome..thanks Yuki

Yeah Jap is delicious, sexy looking food too. Can't say I've ever tried my hand at Brazil's cuisine, maybe next menu.
Cheers =)

ps- I forgot my password, hence the anonymous status

Yuki said...

it's alright! hehehe
Brazilian cuisine rocks =) but then again...i am biased =P

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