Chinese Noodle Restaurant (Sydney)

Where to go for a decent and filling lunch if time is not on your side?
Head to Chinese Noodle Restaurant  which is just next door to Menya located in Prince Centre (8 Quay Street). Don't underestimate the restaurant by its looks, although i'll have to admit that hanging grape clusters from the ceiling is not the most attractive type of decor...ever. It has a very high turnover of customers daily and that is because their service is very quick. Don't even think about spending an hour or so chatting with your friend over lunch, as soon you step in the restaurant you are expected to adopt the mechanisms of a robot and do what everyone else is doing: order, eat, pay and get out. You'll be more amazed to find that the whole process doesn't take more than 20-30 minutes!
We were there about 1.30pm, so it wasn't as packed and we got a table straight away. We placed an order for half a portion of pork and chives dumplings, beef stir-fried hand made noodles and some chinese pastry thing with pork and chives filling. All the dumplings and the noodles are made on the premises and from scratch. Awesome! Oh, i forgot to mention that the portions are big which explains why we only ordered half a portion of dumplings.

My humble cup of tea before the food arrived

Left: Pork & Chives dumplings  Right: Chinese Pastry with Pork & Chives Filling

Beef Stir-fried hand made noodles!

The food was nice and i think my favorite dish was probably the noodles...i just love hand made noodles (as mentioned here as well)! I also enjoyed the Chinese Pastry dish but i would have preferred if the filling wasn't exactly the same as the dumplings. Overall it is a good place for a fast and inexpensive lunch (i think all up was around $20+). Saves you time, money and keeps you (very) full with smile on your face. =)

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Anonymous said...

Tim , Joan & Joen love dumplings!!!

Yuki said...

@anonymous: who doesn't? how are they?

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