Streets of Asia Restaurant - It feels like winter already!

It was literally freezing on Sunday morning and I even had to wear my winter coat! It's not even meant to be winter here in Canberra...*sigh. The good thing? I have an excuse to eat body-warming hot noodle soups! And that's exactly what i had for lunch at Streets of Asia (Shop 1-008 Cnr Anketell and Reed St, Tuggeranong) - previously blogged, but with a selection of more summer-inclined dishes. This time we ordered a BBQ Pork Laksa and a Wonton Egg Noodles Soup. The portions are very generous and i almost couldn't finish my humble bowl of noodles =P. I would have preferred chunkier and tastier BBQ Pork slices in my Laksa but i'll have to say that i was amazed by the amount of wontons in the Wonton Egg Noodles Soup! The most important thing is that it kept me warm and full =)
BBQ Pork Laksa

Wonton Egg Noodles Soup (with heaps of wontons!!! Can't even see the noodles)

5 snowdrop meringues:

Mr. Pineapple Man said...

omg omg looks sooooooooooo good!!

missklicious said...

I was in Canberra over the weekend and it was so chilly!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

Aww. I am so craving a bowl of wonton noodles now that I saw your blog post. I can smell the garlic oil already!

Yuki said...

@Mr.Pineapple Man: thanks =)
@missklicious: yeah!! I'm glad i went down to Sydney for 2 days! awesome weather =)
@Amy: you should make wontons too!

Sid said...

Yeah, noodles, I love it. My favorite dish. Its really yummy. It really looks like winter is about to come.

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