The Scholar Chinese Restaurant

The Scholar Restaurant (tel:(02) 6257 8323/6257 9983) is perhaps one of the latest additions to the restaurants in Dickson. Having heard good things about it, i decided to go and give it a try. The front entrance doesn't look appealing at all, but once you've reached upstairs...it's totally another story. The decor is simple but at the same time it has that elegance and sophistication to it. The staff is very friendly and polite, the service was thumbs up too! We were served with a complimentary soup at the start and some seasonal fruits after the meal. Keep up the good work :D

I tried ordering interesting things off the menu, so this is what i ended up ordering.

  • Thousand layered tofu - great presentation and i loved the smoothness of the tofu. It blended really well with the dried scallop sauce.

  • Crispy beef brisket - really liked the crispness around the beef brisket and it was quite different because i've never had beef brisket this way (i'm used to the Hot Pot Style). The best thing? it was beef brisket galore!

  • Stir-fried bok choy (mui) with garlic - i know this is not considered to be an 'interesting' dish but hey, i love my veggies ok?

Thousand Layer Tofu
Crispy Beef Brisket
Stir-fried Bok Choy Mui with Garlic

 Definately going there again!
They have karaoke rooms and yum chan options too!

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xphia said...

Yip.. this place is fantastic for dinner!! We must all go and try lots more dishes =O

Yuki said...

yeah~~~ they had heaps of live abalone...i wonder how much they cost...=P

missklicious said...

The crispy beef brisket looks so much nicer here than when I had it!

Yuki said...

@missklicious: Really???
maybe they were perfecting the dish..=P
how is sydney for u?
enjoying all the abundant food?

Anonymous said...

I was there last night. Lovely food and TOP service.

Thank god, I don't have to go back to Sydney to get my Chinese food fix anymore!!

You know I will be back!

Yuki said...

@anonymous: yeah, i was pleased with their service too! totally not expected of a Chinese Restaurant. hehehhee...
Sydney is awesome for any cuisise =) not to mention that it's cheaper too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have the phone number for this restaurant? I've been trying to find it online but haven't had any luck.

Yuki said...

@anonymous: their phone number is (02) 6257 8323/ 6257 9983. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I went there yesterday for yum cha which you order from a list then then take it to the kitchen and it comes out a few dishes at a time - BUT, we waited half an hour for the first of our order - two fried dishes came after half an hour then the steamed buns. It tasted great but the table next to us left before they got their order as they had been waiting for 45 minutes - we asked to be served and something finally happened. Not worth spending my lunch hour waiting then gulping it down and having to rush.

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