Azuma Patisserie

Ever since my visit to the Azuma Japanese Restaurant in Sydney (Chifley Plaza, Level 1) last year, i became not only fond of the restaurant but its counterparts as well. Having missed the wonderful dessert - East meets West - that was being offered during the good food month of October was quite devastating. Up until today, i can still vividly remember the images of the dessert. *sigh
Anyways, i am not here to talk about my misfortune but rather blog about the lovely Azuma Patisserie (Regent Place, 501 George St.). So far, i've only tried the Mont Blanc and the Green Tea Mousse Cake (not many i know, but i already like the place!) and they were on different occasions. I tried Mont Blanc first and I heart it! The chestnut paste goes so well with the cream that makes it too-good-too-be-missed! *drools
More recently (last week, to be exact) I had the priviledge to savour a slice of Green Tea mousse cake and it was so lovely. It was so full of flavour, very smooth and not rich at all. The red bean filling was just the perfect match for it...it has always been, no?

Oh so majestic, Mont Blanc
Green Tea Mousse Cake, sorry for the bad photo >.<

I decided to make a simple sketch of how the desserts look inside =D

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missklicious said...

Adore the cute sketches, and I love Azuma!

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