Wasabi Manuka

Had my birthday celebration in Wasabi Teppanyaki Restaurant (Shop 7/18 Flinders Way, Griffith) and it was packed with much entertainment and fun. Eggs cracked, food flew, rice on the floor but in the end everyone had fun and some even got dirty. If you want a memorable celebration, Wasabi is the way to go. We all ordered a Wasabi Set for the night.
Before all the chaos, we were served with some Miso Soup and Chicken Chawanmushi (which is egg custard steamed in a tea bowl).

The chaos started with some egg (raw) catching then followed by some scrambled egg catching (with the mouth!) and lastly catching a bowl of rice with another bowl. Some were a success, others failure...but it was fun altogether! The banquet followed with some barramundi fillets, chicken teriyaki, eye fillet steak and some mixed vegetables! I liked the barramundi and the eye fillet steak the best! If only he could cook more of those...

The funny chef who cooked and entertained all of us!

Nicely cooked fried rice shot before the 'entertainment rice' session started

A little drawing by the teppanyaki chef for me! ^0^

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