On The Pier - Bateman's Bay

It's been a while since i've been to On the Pier but why not blog about it? This restaurant has been awarded the best seafood restaurant in the lower coast since 2004 and i decided to check it out. The restaurant looks very nice from the outside and i particularly liked the front entrance door which resembles to a wooden 'ship door'. There were a few safety rings hanging on the walls that looked quite adorable too! On the inside, the restaurant looks quite classic with bar facilities and outdoor dining space overlooking the waters of Clyde River. I ordered a Seafood Platter for two and finished the meal with a Creme Brulee. The Seafood Platter consisted of a lobster, 12 oysters natural, 12 Crystal Bay Prawns, 6 tempura prawns, five spiced squid, coconut & coriander scallops, smoked salmon, tempura fish fillets, scallops wrapped with prosciutto skewer, crumbled calamari, seasonal fruits and dipping sauces. It was really filling and i particularly liked the fresh and juicy scallops and the smoked salmon! The Creme Brulee wasn't overly sweet (the way i like it) and the orange & strawberry sauce matched it well.

Outside View from the inside of the restaurant
Seafood Platter: Front & Back
Creme Brulee with orange & strawberry sauce

Call me weird, but i actually scooped out all the rockmelon flesh and ate it. I know it was used to hold the prawn and scallop skewers but it was too much of a waste to chuck half of a rockmelon out =P

6 snowdrop meringues:

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oooh that creme brulee looks particularly lovely :) I will have to give this restaurant a try next time I am down the coast :)

Yuki said...

u should give their a la carte a try too! Looks good!

NSW south coast accommodation said...

Sensational! Batemans Bay is a striking place. I will surly go there.

Lincon said...

I really like your place of party. There is many beautiful creme brulee.
Thanks for blog.

Yuki said...

@Lincon: you should go there for their mains =)

Batemans Bay accommodation said...

It is such an amazing place
I love the Seafood Platter

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