Multicultural Festival Canberra 5-7th February

The Multicultural Festival (in Canberra) was held from the 5th - 7th of February and to my surprise, it was really packed. I believe that a good percentage of Canberrans were present on the day that i went because street parkings were full, the new Canberra centre parking was full and at least 2 levels in the old canberra centre parking were full. It was great seeing so many countries and cultures gathered together in this festival and there were a lot of stalls set up promoting various countries' cultures and their cuisines. However,to my disappointment, the Brazilian stall was not selling food at all. *sigh.
Due to time restriction, i couldn't stay in the festival for very long and didn't get to try a lot of food (not to mention that some queues were long). They had food from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Sri Lanka, Macedonian, Greek, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, South African, Lebanon...etc...(too many to name, but you get the point)
I tried some Indonesian food: Opor Ayam (Braised Chicken in Coconut Milk), Satay Beef and Chicken (liked the peanut sauce), Russian Piroshki (Meat and Cabbage) and some Alexandria Sausage. I think my favorite was probably the Satay Beef with the peanut sauce...very tasty! (though the photo doesn't look like it)

Live music and happy people cooking are always cool.

Satay Beef Skewers

Russian Piroshki (Meat and Cabbage)
Alexandria Sausages

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missklicious said...

I'm so sad I missed out this year's multicultural festival! Looks good.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

It sure was a great afternoon!!!

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