Found it! Awesome site!

Was searching for some random Brazilian food-related sites on the web and found the coolest site ever (in my opinion, at least). It's called Marketing na Cozinha which translates into Marketing in the Kitchen! It has so many awesome food-related gadgets, inventions and places to visit! Sadly it's only in Portuguese...but HEY, it has loads and loads of pictures that doesn't require you to read the content to know what's going on =)
Hope you will all enjoy it!

Just a few photos that caught my attention:

- Check out the GODIVA chocoiste place in Harajuku! Just makes me wanna fly to Japan now!

The walls of Godiva in Harajuku
[Picture taken from Marketing na Cozinha]

Chocolate Stamp
[Picture taken from Marketing na Cozinha]

Lemon and Ice Tray
[Picture taken from Marketing na Cozinha]

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