Lindt Macarons!

Macarons are one of my loves and sadly i have not mastered the art of making them. To add to my depression, they are not readily available in Canberra either. Well...that's why whenever i travel to Sydney, macarons (and kit kats) are at the top of my must-get list. This time, I got some from Lindt Chocolate Cafe (53 Martin Place, Sydney). They had around 12 flavours to choose from but i got only 5 - Blackcurrant, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Peach and Passionfruit. Loved all of them but i think my favorite was probably the passionfruit (i just love its tangy taste), the hazelnut macaron was beautiful too!

I've tried macarons from La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie, Adriano Zumbo and now from Lindt Chocolate Cafe...is there another place in Sydney that offers nice macarons?

2 snowdrop meringues:

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've heard already but there's a guy at the Farmer's Market at EPIC who sells macarons.

Yuki said...

oooo...haven't.~~ thanks for the info =) i wanna master macaron-making =)

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