An afternoon at the Gold Creek Village

Located just 15 minutes from Canberra City Centre, Gold Creek Village (Nicholls) is well worth a visit. The village is so serene and relaxed that makes it so different from the rest of the Canberra suburbs. I even thought that this place was located somewhere far far away and distant from civilization. Gold Creek Village has some beautiful architectural buildings like the Holland houses, lovely gardens and plenty of lovely small shops and cafes to relax. There are also touristic attractions such as the Cockington Green Gardens, National Dinosaur Museum, Canberra Walk-in Aviary and others but we didn't go to those this time. Despite the rain and the wind, MissN. and I still had a lovely and well-spent afternoon.

1st stop: Cherry Seed (Ginnindera Village, Gold Creek)

After hearing so many good comments about this lovely place, i decided to go and visit it myself. From the moment you step in Cherry Seed, you feel like a child again. Why? The place has a checkered floor, colourful wooden chairs and pretty tablecloths...not to mention the pretty polka dots serviettes too. You can hold children tea parties too! (Cool, huh?). It sells quite a lot of little tea party-related things that surely makes you wanna buy them all, just because they are pretty...i was so tempted to get a packet of star/heart sugars. They normally have 6 flavours each day (Chocolate and vanilla being the standard ones), MissN. ordered a chocolate one and i ordered the Vanilla Strawberry one. The cupcakes are simple but pretty and took us half an hour to start eating them because we were crazily snapping every single angle of them. Veredict? They were very yummy, moist and the icing was sooooo fluffy!

2nd stop: Adore Tea (Federation Square)

This place holds a massive range of single and blended teas from all around the world and an amazing collection of teapots too(available to purchase)! I was so overwhelmed by the amount of tea choices that i didn't know what to have at first. We ended up choosing Mango Sencha (very fragrant and sweet) for two ($3.95) and the German Poffertjes with Butterscotch and Raspberry dipping sauces ($5.95).

Beautiful Teapots and the large selection of teas!
Mango Sencha & the Dutch Proffertjes

5 snowdrop meringues:

Nancy said...

lovely pics Mavis~~~ <3

missklicious said...

I love tea! And Poffertjes even more!! Will have to pay this place a visit.

Yuki said...

missklicious: u should!!! it's really relaxing!!! :D

Yuki said...

Thank u nancy :D

Joe said...

Hi Yuki, I never thought I would miss Canberra but browsing around your blog today made me so!

I had lived and studied in Canberra for 4 years.

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