A visit to Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie

Went down to Sydney and had a lovely time visiting Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie (296 Darling Street, Balmain). After reading countless blog reviews about it, tweets about it and actually seeing Adriano on Masterchef, I finally got a chance to visit the patisserie in person! (being located so far from Sydney, i don't have the priviledge to go to AZ's all the time!) I didn't have to look hard as i could see a queue of people from afar waiting eagerly to go into the tiny patisserie. I have to say that the size of the cakes are pretty generous and it is good value for money but the downside was that i didn't have enough room to fit all the cakes and desserts that i wanted to try.

I only managed to try the 'Ed Rock the Cradle' - which is milk coffee cheesecake with chocolate cheesecake base, coffee scented caramel, Italian meringue and a hollow chocolate ball & the 'Escape from a Colombian Rainforest' - which is (i think) layers of chocolate with chocolate mousse and had a cherry jelly centre and a fizzy cherry base!
Ed Rock the Cradle
Just some of the cakes available on the day, on the far left is the 'Escape from a Colombian Rainforest' *worth trying*
Obviously a trip to AZ's wouldn't be complete without taking home some of the famous Zumbo's Macaroons! Unfortunately there were only 4 flavours on the day...so sad...i guess i will have to come back for more! They had: Chocolate & Earl Grey, Rhubarb, Rice Pudding and one more that i can't recall (please help me, if you can). Overall, they were pretty good, but i found that some of the flavours were a bit too sweet for me. My favorite one is probably the rhubarb one (yes, the one that did not survive the trip!)
Unfortunately, as you can see, the rhubarb and the rice pudding macaroons did not survive the trip back to Canberra. Poor 'roons...
The main macaroon in this pic is also one of my favorites! (silly me forgot its name...)
Well...here is the end of the visit to AZ's Patisserie! But i will certainly be back for more! *drools

Update: The flavour for macaroon with a pinenut on top is Pinenut & Chocolate Macaroon (Thanks Simon for letting me know the missing flavour!)

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jane said...

i <3 macarooooooons sigh the red one was the best!!!! (: makes me happy seeing the pictures! gracias s! (: me gusta mucho los macaroons! ps: are they even masculine nouns? :P xx!

Simon said...

Pinenut was the missing one from your list, which is meant to be pinenut and chocolate flavoured.

There are some real nice and some interesting ones you missed out on - buttered popcorn, salted caramel and salt & vinegar (like with the Soy Sauce kit-kat, not what you think flavourwise).

Though, yes, there is always to opportunty to stop by Zumbo's, between the parking hassles (especially in that area) and the queues, unless you're a local you earn the right to go to his patisserie :P

Regarding macarons, is there no place in Canberra that does them?

Yuki said...

Jane: yo pienso que macaroons son masculine nouns...i guess in spanish it would be. i liked the pinenut one!!! muy bueno! let's go next time!! there are 10 flavours in total!

Simon: Thanks for the missing flavour. i hope u don't mind me linking to ur blog. how often do u have bloggers' meet ups? that is totally awesome, i reckon... poor me...in Canberra

Nancy said...

eh... I thought you don't like coffee? LOL but I guess it looks really nice and it's tempting to eat it!
nice pictures!!

Yuki said...

It wasn't that strong..hehee...

Yuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ric said...

so jealous!! 食極都唔肥..

Simon said...

Don't mind the linking at all :)

Blogger's meetups really depends on the number of PR events that we happen to be invited to and which bloggers you engage with. So far it's worked out to be something like a couple of times a month on average.

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