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Was too excited about the visit to Adriano Zumbo's that i nearly forgot to post about the other places that i ate while my trip in Sydney. Just before going to AZ's, i ate at a cafe in Balmain called 'All about...Romana's Cafe' (260 Darling Street, Balmain). It was a small cafe but i definately liked the half flower pattern glass at the top of the entrance! (i know i can be really random at times...) As i was looking at the menu, something caught my attention instantly - the green eggs and ham...now this is something that you don't find in an ordinary brekkie menu! So...for most obvious reasons, that was the thing i ordered! Basically the 'green eggs and ham' was scrambled eggs with house-made basil pesto, smoked ham and fetta cheese on a toasted sourdough.

All about...Romana's cafe's entrance
The Green Eggs & Ham
The scrambled eggs were quite light and fluffy and i simply loved the basil-pesto in it! i should probably try making it sometime! I would have preferred a hint of olive oil on top of the leaves, so they woudln't be as dry but tastier.
After the visit to Balmain, I was kinda full...very full indeed. So i thought of maybe getting something light for dinner. As i walked pass World Square I saw this long line of people in front of a Japanese restaurant called Miso Japanese Restaurant (World Square, Shop 20 and it is part of the MASUYA GROUP). Apparently its concept is based on Teishoku style dining which is made up of small dishes combined to create a healthy and balanced meal! Since i was still full, i ordered a unagi bento for $16.80 so i could eat later. I was happy with the eel as it was quite tasty and decent in size, overall the bento was very nice and filling (apart from the mayo macaroni)!

Miso's Unagi Bento, $16.80
Happy day with losta eating =9

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