A Day Trip Along King's Highway

This was a few weeks ago or probably a month ago. Just decided to go on a day trip along King's Highway. To be honest it was meant to be a day trip to Bungendore, but it was way too small and 1 hour was more than enough to explore the whole town. A friend had previously said that there is this bakery in Bungendore that makes the best pies around Canberra and its surrounds, so i decided to hunt for it and give it a try. The bakery is a family-owned business and it's called Gunna Doo Bakery (18 Gibraltar St.)

Bacon and Cheese Meat Pie, $3.90
I tried the Bacon and Cheese Meat Pie since the lady told me that it was the most popular one that they sell. I was never a fan of pies but I was pretty impressed by this one and the thing that amazed me the most was that it did not leave an after-taste in my mouth. The kind of taste that commercialised pies tend leave behind. Ewww! 
Ohn...Bungendore being a very small town also had a very small and cosy post office!
The next stop was Braidwood, this town is bigger than Bungendore and looked more historical. I was going to try another pie at the Braidwood Deli (91 Wallace St.) but unfortunately it was closed! (maybe next time...sad...) Well, so i decided to have dinner at the Braidwood Eureka Woodfire Pizzeria just next door. I heard some good things about it before so why not give it a try? I started with the Artichoke Salad and then had a large woodfire pizza with 2 flavours: I think of of them was the Eureka Supreme and the other one had prosciutto and potato slices (i loved the potato slices as they were so soft and tasty!). The salad and the pizza were both alright. I guess it would have been better if the bottom wasn't burnt (=_=) and if they hadn't put too much prosciutto in it. Overall it was nice dinner because the place and the service were both pleasant.
I think the dinner came to about $30 something.
Can't wait for more visits to other towns around Canberra!

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