Hog's Breath Cafe + Cafe Essen

I was supposed to go to Cafe Macchiato for dinner but realised that i was closed! I think i haven't been there for so long that i didn't realise that they are no longer opened for dinner. After a long discussion, we ended up in Hog's Breath Cafe (Bailey's Cnr, London Cct) mainly because it has a nice atmosphere where we can talk for ages! I ordered a Grilled Steak Sandwich ($14.95) and my friend ordered a Chicken Caesar Wrap ($12.95). My steak was rather cooked to well-done when i prefer medium-rare. It was a bit disappointing because i had a better one last time. The chicken Caesar wrap seemed to have a lot of iceberg lettuce in it and very little of the other ingredients; i guess my friend didn't mind since she loves veggies a lot!

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled Steak Sandwich

After the dinner, we went to Cafe Essen (Garema Arcade Shop 5-6, Garema Pl) to have a chat and some drinks. I decided to not order the usual Vienna Chocolate and go for an option under Essen Specialty Gourmet Coffee - the Hazelnut Truffle Latte (it was a 3-layered latte). The drink was quite watery but it still had a chocolate latte with a sweet hazelnut after-taste - not bad, but could have been better. My friend ordered a Cinnamon Frangelico Latte and it had a rich almond flavour, she finished it in no time!

Hazelnut Truffle Latte

Cinnamon Frangelico

The night was enjoyable afterall =)

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Helena Handbasket said...

Best reason to go to the Hog's Breath is the steaks. They make such a meltingly beautiful Prime Rib which you can get in many different styles (cajun, barbecue, etc.) Service can be iffy too...don't go at peak times unless you've got 90 minutes to spare.

Nancy said...

Hey sis~~~
I don't like going to Hog's Breath; I remember the last time (which was almost 2 years ago) I went the salad wasn't even fresh; it was pretty disappointing.
Hope you had a great time catching up with your friend though! :)

Yuki said...

I tried the steaks before! it varies as well..sometimes they do a good job...other times..a bit disappointing..as u said, it really depends on the time =P

Nancy: Nah..u shouldn't go there for salad..hehehe... it's a steak place..salad is only for garnish =P

xphia said...

hehe cafe macchiato ain't open for dinner on Sunday or Monday night =)

Yuki said...

Kev: but i didn't go there on Sun or Monday...it was a Thursday =P

xphia said...

Oh ... hm.. guess no more CM for dinner at all then.. so strange. Must find other places to eat. Have you tried La Posada? Is not bad, casual Italian place (quite noisy at times) opposite La Pasa in City West.

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