Sydney Trip Day 1

Went down to Sydney to attend a friend's wedding on the weekend (19 & 20th September). We didn't know what to have for lunch but since my friend was very eager to eat some of her home country food, aka Taiwanese food, we decided to go to Chinatown. She brought us to a place called 'Cho Dumpling King - The taste of Taiwan' and from memory i think i've been there before. The first thing you notice is that the place is really small and packed, with quite a number of people waiting to be seated or for their take-aways. The second thing you notice is the variety of 小吃 (side dishes) which can all be glanced at from the outside. We waited for around 20 minutes until we could finally go in. We ordered a Braised Beef with Rice, Pork Chop with Rice and a Curry Pork Chop with Rice plus Shaken Ice Green Tea. In addition to that, we had a Taiwanese sliced beef and sliced pig's ear as side dishes
I quite liked the Pork Chop with the sour picked veggie as an accompliment, they go very well indeed. The beef was quite soft and tasty but it didn't stand out as much as the pork chop =P Was a bit disappointed with the sliced beef side as we all agreed that i tasted a bit dry!

Cho Dumpling King - A Taste of Taiwan

Beef with Rice

Pork Chop with Rice, Shaken Ice Green Tea (at the back)

After lunch we had to hurry back to the hotel where we are supposed to meet the bride and the groom for a pre-wedding rehearsal. The chapel where the wedding was held is quite small but beautiful (especially the tinted glass).
After the rehearsal we went to a close by suburb...i think it's Kingsford, to have dinner. We went to 'Delicious Chinese Cuisine' and we ordered a 4-people set dinner and a 3-people one. We had seasonal stir-fry veggies, salt & pepper tofu, Hainan chicken, stir-fry squid and string beans with shrimp paste, ShanTung chicken, sweet & sour pork chop, salted fish and eggplant hotpot plus chicken rice and a daily soup. The food was nice and i loved the TOFU! It was crispy on the outside and wonderfully soft inside...the tofu literally melted in your mouth. Yum. Hainan chicken was not as flavoursome as i expected, maybe because i was expecting too much as they claimed to make one of the best Hainan Chicken in Sydney. Overall the dinner was lovely and it turned out to be $8 per person, which is pretty good! I don't think you can get that in Canberra.

Delicious Chinese Cuisine

Seasonal stir-fry veggies

 Salt & pepper tofu *thumbs up

 Hainan chicken

Stir-fry squid and string beans with shrimp paste

 ShanTung chicken

Sweet & sour pork chop

Salted fish and eggplant hotpot

We were all full and satisfied...and tired...

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NMOS said...

I'm also hooked on iced green tea from Starbucks. The food looks great. Nice blog! Welcome to the Foodie Blog Roll.

Yuki said...

Thanks NMOS for dropping by!
Do u own a blog?

xphia said...

YAY to cheap Chinese food in Sydney!

Nancy said...

hey dear...
there's a typo... the last line before the first pic...
"as we all agreed that i tasted a bit dry!"
it should be "IT tasted a bit dry"~~~
hehehe... :P

Yuki said...

thanks Nancy~~ hehhehe
I taste dry too =P

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