Dinner Dishes - Quickies~

MP cooked 2 dishes for dinner tonight. One was the 'Prawn with Broccoli' stir-fry and the other one was a 'Peppered Beef with Capsicums' stir-fry! Was too lazy to cook anything and plus i have to finish off my job applications, which are a pain!!! I detest selection criterias and i reckon they are the worst part of a job application, at least for now! Sorry guys for such a quick post =_=

Prawn with Broccoli Stir-fry
Peppered Beef with Capsicum Stir-fry

I liked the 2nd dish the most because it tasted a bit like a restaurant dish but without all that MSG! Thanks for the yummy dinner!

2 snowdrop meringues:

Nancy =) said...

looks delicious!!!
a lot of veggies too!!
have fun in Sydney oh!! u coming back on Sunday, right?

Yuki said...

Thanks Nancy~~ hehehhee

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