Pelican Rocks Seafood Restaurant + Oysters

If you happen to be around the Jervis' Bay area, you should go and visit Greenwell Point. Firstly because it has some awesome oyster farms that serves VERY fresh oysters (including the famous Greenwell Point Oysters) and secondly, it's where the much-loved-by-the-locals Pelican Rocks Restaurant (115 Greenwell Point Road) is.

Going back to the oysters business...with quite a few farms to visit, i would probably recommend 'Kingtide Oysters' because their oysters are awesome! It's fresh and has the nicest texture that leaves you craving for more, and the awesome thing is that it costs only $10/dozen (i ended up buying 3 dozens)! So if you are definately going to Greenwell Point, don't forget to bring an esky.

Second attraction in Greenwell Point? The Pelican Rocks Seafood Restaurant. Ask the locals and they will tell you about it! It's recommended that you make a booking beforehand to avoid disappointment, especially if you are going for a day trip. It's not fine dining but more like a family dining place. It's nicely decorated with a marine theme and has a few pelican statues around the restaurant, and if you are lucky enough, you get to sit with a pelican statue! The menu is a mix of traditional and modern cuisine that uses fresh seafood and it also has a variety of chicken and steak dishes.


  • Smoked Salmon, semi-sundried tomato & avocado lettuce wraps - loved the smoked salmon and it didn't taste artificial.

  • Prawns and Scallops with a Thai chilli & lime sauce served with rice - seafood was very fresh but the sauce was perhaps a bit overpowering (a bit too sweet) for the prawns and scallop


  • Grilled Steak with Prawns and Chilli Salsa - nice steak!

  • Seafood Basket - apart from the salty prawns, it was lovely! Unlike the traditional seafood basket, it is not 100% fried food! It had prawn skewers, mussels, oysters, crumbled calamari, scallops and fish and seasonal fruits! It was a lot of food!

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xphia said...

That looked fantastic! Makes me want to go for a daytrip on Aust day now!

Yuki said...

Kingtide Oysters owns like 4 out of the 10 sheds around that farm area...and the owner is super friedly! he even explains how they sort out the different types of oysters! the cocktail ones, bistro and plate =)

xphia said...

Would you & Steve like to join us? We thinking of going tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hi Yuki, thanks for your nice comments about our oysters - really appreciate it. We have just started a Kingtide Oysters Facebook page so you can add us as a friend and keep up with all that is happening on the farm.
So look foward to you visiting us again
My Mobile No is 0427544167

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