Friend's B'day @ China Plate

My friend, who loves chinese food, decided to celebrate his birthday in a relatively new chinese restaurant that was opened along Northbourne Avenue last year - China Plate (41-43 Northbourne Avenue). The restaurant has a very simple exterior which so often makes it hard to notice, and it does take a second glance to spot it. However, as you enter the premises all that simplicity is vanished, being replaced by rich tones of brown, big round ceiling lights and vivid-coloured paintings...not to mention the big golden chinese characters at the front entrance.

The menu was somewhat interesting as it contained a few dishes that did not fall under the category of 'traditional chinese' dish, and we gave some of them a try. One of them was the Wasabi Beef, which honestly did not have a hint of wasabi taste but rather it tasted like capsicum beef. I really liked bittersweet taste of the Pork with Grapefruit Sauce. We also ordered Pepper & Salt Squid, Baby Spinach, Beef Brisket Hot Pot, Fish Hot Pot (no photos available because all of them turned out blurry), Crispy Noodles with Chicken and Fried Rice. The highlights for me were the Pork with grapefruit sauce and the Beef Brisket Hot Pot - i just love beef brisket, especially when it's perfectly tender and juicy.
1. Pork with grapefruit sauce 2. Salt and Pepper Squid 3. Wasabi Beef 4. Baby Spinach
China Plate's serving portions are rather small and it is relatively more expensive than an average chinese restaurant in Canberra but having paid around $25 for the meal is not too bad for dining in Canberra.

Crispy Noodles with Chicken

Fried Rice
Yummylicious Beef brisket hot pot

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