Husky Bakery & Cafe

Something you must check out in Huskisson? (around Jervis Bay) The Old Baker's Van (11 Currambene Street)...where? Husky Bakery Cafe! Seeing a vintage van is so cool and the yellow colour just makes it even cuter. Husky Bakery Cafe is decorated in a way that resembles country-style bakeries which i like very much. It kinda reminds me of the bakeries in a town that i've visited in France.

Old Baker's Van

Husky Bakery smells divine the moment you walk in! I just love the smell of freshly baked bread...just to imagine that lovely golden crust embracing a soft and fluffy white center... *drools. The place is often packed with people and long queues but it is a lovely place for family lunches and hang-outs with friends. Apparently, they are famous for their pies and my mission this time was to try their pies!
I tried 3 pies in total and it was definately filling! (of course they were shared...)

- Indian Curry Pie: it was ok.
- Husky Steak Pie: it was nice but i had better! :D
- Chilli Con Carne Pie with Sour Cream on top (special for the day): it had a little piece of corn chip sticking out of the pie as a decoration - i liked this combo, it tasted quite Mexican!
(There is only pictures for the Husky Steak Pie because the other ones didn't turn out quite good)

Husky Steak Pie

2 snowdrop meringues:

Anonymous said...

wow thats me in the foto im famous...glad you liked our bakery :)

Yuki said...

Hi Anonymous:
That's so cool!!! and now u are famous :D YEY!
It has a very lovely atmosphere =)
definately going back to buy the bread :D any recommendations?

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