A visit from Korea

I was really delighted when i received an e-mail from a Korean friend saying that she was coming back to Canberra for a visit. It's rather odd because people don't usually come Canberra, i mean it's not the BEST place to visit in Australia especially if you have been here before and seen all the touristic attractions around (i.e. the Old and New Parliament House). We have no beautiful beaches, our shopping centres are nothing compared to the ones in Sydney or Mlebourne and there just isn't a night life...anyways, she told me later that she came back to visit a few friends and just relax in a humble and quiet town like Canberra.
I was only able to meet up with her for dinner, but i think we made the most out of it because we have lotsa fun talking, catching up and of course filling our tummies with loads of food! I was so full that i didn't even have breakfast on the following day.
First stop she chose was Milk & Honey (again, i know) because she really liked the decor and the comfortable chairs and obviously the menu sorta attracted her too. I've been there for lunch and dessert but never for dinner. We arrived early since she was really hungry, and we ordered a Lightly Fried Calamari On Mixed Leaves With Lemon And Garlic Aioli and a special of the day which was: Kangaroo Steak With A Seasoned Beetroot On A Sweet Potato Puree And Peas. The calamari was alright and the portion was quite generous, but i couldn't finish it because the batter was too heavy for me. The kangaroo was cooked to medium rare and it was quite nice, i liked the beetroot that came with it as it complimented the meat very well. The only disappointment was probably the peas, i think that they could have thought of something more original than just plating boring peas around the dish.

Kangaroo Steak with seasoned beetroot on a sweet potato mash & peas

Lightly fried calamari on mixed leaves with lemon and garlic aioli

After the meal, we decided to go for some desserts! Even though we were full, somehow we still managed to slot in some desserts. Don't people say that  in a girl's stomach there is always an compartment that is reserved only for desserts? Yeah, there is. Trust me. We decided to go to Koko Black (Bunda Street, Canberra Centre) because this friend of mine, loves chocolate.
Koko Black has one of the nicest decor, i reckon. I like how the Canberra Salon has glass windows that allow you to seat around and look at how the staff makes the truffles and pralines sold at the salon. However, we decided to seat outside so that my friend could 'enjoy the fresh air from Australia' - as she said it. We decided to share a Belgian Spoil - consisted of a chocolate cake, two Belgian chocolates (Classic Belgian Truffle & Sienna Strawberry), chocolate mousse, shortbread & chocolate ice-cream. The dish was very pretty and mouth-watering but having it just after the dinner at M&H was a killer. It's such a unfortunate thing to realise that my dessert compartment is so small...*sobs. The good thing is that my Korean friend liked it and we almost finished it (didn't really waste anything), good job!

Belgian Spoil

Playing with the Sienna Strawberry Praline

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Anonymous said...

Ohh my gosh, totally had the Belgian Spoil yesterday with my folks. So much chocolate recently!!!

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