Bateman's Bay - The Boatshed

Went there on the last day of M&M Retreat for lunch. It's a humble looking place with a balcony (at the back of the restaurant) filled with tables and chairs overlooking the waters - perfect for enjoying your lunch! I am not too fond of Fish & Chips because i don't like my fish fried (at all), i prefer it to be grilled or steamed. Well...unfortunately they only make the fried version, but the good thing is that you can choose what kind of fish fillet you want. I tried the Grenadier and the Albacore fish fillets ($8/$12 with chips & salad), and my favorite was the Albacore! It's softer and not too flaky. I also tried some oysters ($15/dozen) and they were alright.
Overall, lunch was quite nice and relaxing...if only they had the grilled option...

Fish & Chips & Salad ($12)

Dozen Oysters ($15)

2 snowdrop meringues:

Nancy said...

yum yum to the fish and chips! =)
it was fresh!!

NSW south coast accommodation said...

Yummy Blog!

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