Calibre Cafe & Bar

I never really walked into Calibre Cafe & Bar (Westfield Woden, near Hoyts) though i always pass by it whenever i go to Woden Westfield. So to cross it out from my enormous list of 'restaurants that i have been to in Canberra', i had to give it a try. Calibre is where the former Lisboa restaurant (for portuguese food) used to be but for some reason, they still make Portuguese Chicken. I ordered the Grain Fed Sirloin Steak Sandwich ($16.90) and tried a bit of the Beef Thai Salad ($16) and shared the Tapas Platter ($21.50) - which consisted of flame grilled baby octopus, chorizo sausage, salt & pepper squid, piri chicken, citrus & cracked pepper prawns & tomato chilli jam served with fresh Turkish bread. I just have to say how much i liked the chilli jam...we finished it before finishing the other components in that platter. My sandwich steak was ok and the only thing that i didn't like about it was the slices of TASTY cheese in it (yes, TASTY CHEESE!), its flavour is just too strong for the whole sandwich. The Thai Salad was quite refreshing, the beef wasn't overcooked and the homemade Nam Jim sauce complemented well with the fresh leaves and vegetables. 
Overall the meal was nice especially because with the entertainment card, you get one free main when you order a main. *happy

One of the entrance to the restaurant, i just love the humoungous red light tubes attached to the ceiling. They add a modern touch to the restaurant

Grain Fed Sirloin Steak Sandwich, $16.90

Beef Thai Salad, $16

Tapas Platter, $21.50 - CHILLI JAM!!!

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missklicious said...


Just stumbled upon your blog through a random Google search. Great to see some Canberra food blogs out there!

Jane said...

chilli jam mmmmm must be nice..is it spicy at all?

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