Sydney Trip - long long time ago (Part I)

I know i have been bad and i haven't been updating but here u go...an update from my Sydney trip in November.
Fortunately i managed to join the last event of Good Food October - Sydney Food & Wine Fair 2009, it was a charity event for AIDS. It was quite a beautiful day and with so many food booths around, you couldn't be happier. There were a lot of free stuff too...like Mount Franklin sparkling water, Ferrero Rondnoir (we got 8 of them!), Ben & Jerry's ice cream, bread!
For me the highlight was the entree from The Restaurant at 3 Weeds - Seared Scallops with morcilla, chorizo, truffled white bean puree with baby coriander! The flavours were well balanced and the scallop was just wonderful - very succulent and was cooked just right! Yum...i wanted more...

Next dish was a Noodle Salad with Peanuts, Bean Sprouts, Thai basil & Chilli Jam from Longrain. The ingredients were fresh but it was a bit too sour to my liking that i didn't end up finishing it.

To end our visit, we got 2 tarts from Bourke St. Bakery a food booth whose name i have forgotten!!! (i should have written down). One was chocolate and the other one was almond and pear tart! I liked the pear and almond tart better, even though i was the one who ordered the chocolate one.

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