Jazz Apple Cafe - another cupcake to my 'tried' list

This time i decided to try another flavour - The Triple Chocolate Mud Cupcake - somehow i had a slight suspicion that the cupcake size grew smaller and yet the price remained unchanged. Well, i didn't have the Moist Vanilla Cupcake next to me to compare if the size really did go smaller or not. I chose this flavour because it seems to be an all-time favorite and seriously, who doesn't like chocolate? (well, i know my bro doesn't, but he is a REALLY RARE human being) I would say that nothing really stood out from the cupcake, it was the expected - the cupcake base was spongy and the icing was soft and tasty. I guess i shouldn't be trying the 'normal' flavours but the more 'interesting' ones. Will keep you guys updated when i try more flavours...i still haven't had the chance to try the 'Key Lime & Coconout Cupcake'! *sad

Triple Chocolate Mud Cupcake

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missklicious said...

Aww, the key lime and coconut sounds so yummy.

I was disappointed to find out this place only opens Mon-Fri 9-3 (working hours! grr) but then I saw the sign saying they open on Saturdays now as well! Will have to try it sometime.

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