Cherried Lemon Panna Cotta

I was waiting for so long to buy a mould for making panna cotta and finally got four during my Melbourne Trip early December. Got it at Essential Ingredient (Albury) and for some reason it's cheaper than the one Canberra (Manuka) and i also bought some nozzles - the ones that are wide enough to make macarons! *YEY, but haven't made them yet because 1) trying to overcome the fear of failure 2) busy during this Christmas period. Anyways, this post is not about macarons but about Panna cotta and as i was saying...I finally attempted to make some. I managed to buy some big and juicy cherries in Supabarn for only $6.99/kg and that was awesome since our short trip to pick cherries at Young was cancelled due to the extreme heat that was affecting the cherry trees.
Initially i wanted to make a cherry flavoured panna cotta, then i decided to make a lemon flavoured panna cotta that had a jelly layer on top filled with cherry pieces - because that's pretty. I've utilized this recipe as a reference and adapted from it. I only put a pretty cherry as a decoration because i was too lazy to make a coulis =P
Here is how it turned out:

My Cherried Lemon Panna Cotta, a perfect dessert for summer.

I think it's a nice dessert for this coming summer...yum!

2 snowdrop meringues:

Wendles said...

Looks delicious!

Looking forward to the pictures of your macarons... I'm sure they'll be beautiful!

Vivi said...

look yummy~

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