The Scholar Chinese Restaurant - Revisited

Sorry guys for the lack of post, I've been busy and tired with work. I still am tired but i managed to get my act together and post about The Scholar Chinese Restaurant (23 Woolley St, Dickson (02) 6257 9983) again. I know i've blogged about The Scholar before (yum cha post here and dinner post here) but this post comprises of more dinner dishes than the previous one as it was taken during a friend's birthday dinner party. We ordered a fair bit of dishes so sit back, relax and prepare for the long list of dishes to come...

Starting with the meat and seafood dishes:
- Crispy Duck with Plum Sauce: the duck skin was crispy, the duck was tender and just can't go wrong with the plum sauce!

- Eggplant and Salted Fish Hotpot: a classic Chinese dish, goes well with rice.

- Lamb Cutlets: i am not a fan of lamb so i only took a bite; it was a bit dry for my taste.
- Steamed Barramundi: it was steamed in the Chinese way with a lot of thinly sliced spring onions and soya sauce. The fish was done well resulting in a soft and tender texture.

- Duck Tongue Hotpot: i know that the idea of eating duck tongue is rather freaky but if you think about it, it's not as bad as eating scorpions, ants, flies...right? I tried one (and more later) and it was surprisingly tender and packed with flavour! Worth a try.

- Wasabi Steak Fillet: probably one of the popular dishes of the night. Tender pieces of beef cooked with wasabi to give that 'kick' to the dish. Recommended *thumbs up

- Chicken cooked with shallots & ginger Hotpot: i didn't particularly like this dish as it was a bit salty and the chicken was dry.

- Pork belly braised in tomato sauce: the meat was very soft and it's the type that just melts in your mouth. The sauce is tasty and makes you eat an extra bowl of rice.

Tofu and vegetable dishes...

- Thousand Layer Tofu: it's a nice dish but it is getting a bit overated (for me, at least) since i nearly have this dish whenever i go to The Scholar. If it's your first time there, give it a go!

- Stir fried Kangkong with Fermented Beancurd: i love this combo but unfortunately i couldn't really taste the fermented beancurd.

- Stir Fried String Bean: a lovely dish with hints of garlic and chilli.

The dinner finished with a complimentary desssert: Goji Berry Jelly and Sliced Oranges - i like goji berry jelly as they are lightly sweet and refreshing; it was good but i still prefer the one i had at Tim Ho Wan (HK). 
The great thing about dining with a lot of people is that you get to try a fair bit of dishes at one go. Overall the birthday dinner was nice and enjoyable and the service was great!

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7 snowdrop meringues:

Hao said...

the pork belly looks yum!

InTolerant Chef said...

I loooove wasabi, I would definately pick that one over the duck tongues!

jay said...

haha, wasabi steak ftw!

nice little blog by the way; are most of these places in canberra?

Yuki said...

@jay: thanks! Yes, most of the places that I blog about is in Canberra

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Goodness me those picture are making me hungry and you're absolutely right. Chinese food especially is best when shared among many! :D

suchi said...

I think that this is really a good way to show that the website still exists, as this would help to show the presence of the business.

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Zapjelly said...

one of the best Chinese restaurants in Canberra. ;) I love this place for yum cha, dinner-wise, I like Ginseng more ;)

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