Gold Coast: Yama Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Seriously, in Gold Coast you are spoiled for choice of Japanese restaurants.
There are quite a few of them just in Surfer's Paradise alone. So there i was, during lunch time, surrounded by a few choices in this particular complex; i ended walking into Yama Sakura (Shop 60, 3131 Gold Coast Highway, Surfer's Paradise (07) 5592 2799) just because it looked more 'authentic' than the rest and there was a group of japanese students going in as well.
Apart from the a la carte menu, there were like a gazillion of sets to choose from. Probably every single possible combination of Japanese dishes you can think of, seriously. The waitress came by a few times asking if we were ready to order and we kept telling her that we needed more time. We eventually ended up getting the SET C (consisted of Wagyu Beef Teriyaki, Tempura, Sashimi, Rice & Soup) and the Sushi & Sashimi Set.
Not long after ordering that i realized that they had abalone sashimi set and sea urchin set. It was a bit too late to change the order, so maybe next time. Let me know how it is if you have tried it!
Set C came as a bento box and i wish there were a bit more of everything in it. Being in a set, the sashimi used didn't taste as fresh as the one from the Sushi & Sashimi set and there were not many pieces of wagyu beef teriyaki either, four strips to be precise. It was alright, but for $15, i probably would have got something better at Iori.
Out of the two sets that we've ordered, i liked the Sushi & Sashimi set better. The sushi was nice and the sashimi was fresh and decent-sized. I particularly liked the squid as it was beautifully sliced and deliciously fresh.

Overall the lunch at Yama Sakura was okay. The only disappointing thing was the Set C because it didn't feel like it was worth the money; Sushi & Sashimi Set, however, was good and fresh. When i get a chance, i will definitely come back for the Sashimi Abalone and Sea Urchin - at least it's something that's not readily available here in Canberra.

2 snowdrop meringues:

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Look at that lovely, glistening sushi! :D

The InTolerant Chef said...

That sashimi set looks lovely, fresh and glistening. Yumm...

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