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Sorry for the lack of updates here in my blog but it has been a rather busy period around the Christmas. I hope you have finished your Christmas shopping by now, if not...oh well, you've got one day left =P
Just a quick post about Dream Cuisine which you may have already read about from my past post. Why blogging about it again? Apart from making one of the best macarons in Canberra, i was extremely excited when i found out that they are now selling their delicious macarons in a little coffee shop called Bean in the City (28/36 Ainslie Ave, Civic - (02) 6162 0866). I have been indulging (not alone) in macarons for the past few days and i've already eaten the following flavours: Strawberry & Champagne, Pistachio & Lime, a yellow one which i couldn't quite figure out what it was (wasn't passionfruit though), Cherry Ripe and Salted Caramel - so far my favorite ones are the Strawberry & Champagne and the Salted Caramel ones! Can't wait to try more from their Summer and Christmas range =)

Here is a picture of their macarons, taken when i visited them at the EPIC Markets a while ago:
Green: Pistachio & Lime / Purple: Lavender & Honey / Yellow: Passionfruit / Cream: Salted Caramel / Dark Pink: Cherry Ripe / Petit Macaron: Strawberry & Champgne 

Pay Bean in the City a visit for some awesome coffee and delicious macarons! If you would like to visit Dream Cuisine itself, you can find it at the Canberra's Capital Region Farmers Market at EPIC in Mitchell on Saturday until 11am or Sunday at the Woden CIT!

8 snowdrop meringues:

Joan said...

waaah!! *droool* the yellow one could be lemon?

Hao said...

yum! one of these days I'll set my alarm so I can catch some macarons @ Epic.

Like pokemons, gotta catch them all! B-)

our man in Canberra said...

Hi -
the Southside Farmers Market has recently moved. Details of location here: http://bit.ly/ibXWxE

The InTolerant Chef said...

Did you see their mini macarons? They are the cutest! Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Mme Macaron and King of Tarts said...

Hi guys, it's Owen here from Dream Cuisine. The yellow one was pina colada - pineapple, coconut and bacardi. See you in 2011, and thanks for the enthusiastic support!

Yuki said...

@Joan: it's pineapple, coconut and bacardi =) just found out!
@Hao: hehehhee! u r funny =)
@our man in Canberra: thanks!
@The Intolerant Chef: i did..there is a tiny one in the photo ^^ it's the strawberry & champagne
@Owen: Thanks! i could taste a bit of coconut..but wasn't entirely sure! Hope to see more flavours soon!

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

I love macarons and the ones in your photos look awesome!

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